In American Conquest, most ranged units use different kinds of resources to execute their ranged attacks. The number of resources used differs from unit to unit but as a rule of thumb:

Ammo Ammo Amount
Fire Weapons Iron Coal varies

Cannon fire

Iron Coal varies
Arrows* Wood Stone (sometimes) 2/(1)
Tomahawks Stone 1
Javelins Wood 2

Poison darts

Iron Gold 2/1

*Inca, Huron, and Delaware Archers do not require any Ammo to shoot arrows

3 Rules about firing from buildings[edit | edit source]

  1. European units that are deployed in buildings do not directly use Ammo but will stop firing when the player has no iron or coal at their disposal.
  2. The only European building that uses up Ammo (if European units are deployed in it) is the Fortress, which uses more than double the Ammo per shot than most units with firearms (10 Iron/10 Coal). ------- EXCEPTION: Dutch Fortresses don't use up Ammo. Rule 1 applies here.
  3. Native units that are deployed in any building do not use any ammo and still continue shooting, even if the player has no wood, coal or iron to spare.
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