Aztec Fortress

Extension of the Aztec Triple Alliance

The Aztecs are a playable tribe in American Conquest and American Conquest: Fight Back. Like the Maya and Incas, they completely lack guns, horses, and cannons. However, they have extremely strong infantry.

History[edit | edit source]

The Aztec empire was situated in modern-day Mexico. It arouse as a Triple Alliance between the Mexican City-States (āltepētl) of Tenōchtitlan, Texcoco, and Tlacopan. Among these city-states, Tenōchtitlan was the most prominent one and so its rulers (tlahtohqueh) constituted the central authority of the Aztec Empire.

Aztec society was very urban in comparison to other native societies in the Americas as shown by the metropolis of Tenōchtitlan which had a comparable population to Paris during the same time.

The fall of the Aztec empire has multiple causes attributed to it. The most common thesis for the Aztecs' decline is a compounding of factors; those being disease, grudges with other States like Tlaxcala and military conquest with superior equipment by the Spanish.

Ingame[edit | edit source]

Ingame the Aztecs have access to high-quality infantry in form of the Aztec spearman, which can throw multiple high damaging javelins. Additionally, they possess a multitude of resistances, especially against arrow fire.

Aztec archers have by far the highest range of any archer in American Conquest. Their accuracy suffers as a result but the ability to burn buildings from a comfortable range is very useful.

Their most limiting weaknesses are the uniquely harsh building cost multipliers they have on their fortresses. In most matches Aztecs won't be able to build more than two fortresses. This, coupled with a mediocre training time for their units, creates a restrictive bottleneck effect in unit production.

Technology-wise, the Aztecs have access to higher degrees of building durability which makes their buildings more resistant to fire arrows.

 Units [1][edit | edit source]

Aztec Spearman


Infantry:[edit | edit source]

Spearman, Archer, Shaman, Chief

Naval:[edit | edit source]

Fishing Canoe, Battle Canoe, Ferry

 Buildings[edit | edit source]

Recruitment:[edit | edit source]

Fortress, Dwelling I, Dwelling II, Temple, Shipyard

Defence:[edit | edit source]

Tower, Scout Tower

Upgrades:[edit | edit source]

Town Center

Economy:[edit | edit source]

Mill, Storehouse

Town Center Upgrades[edit | edit source]

Cultivate new types of grain Burn ground to create new fields Develop writing Conduct ritual festival Conduct practice shoot Train fortification specialists
Purchase new building materials (B) Hire overseer in settlement Celebrate priest ritual Improve cold steel Conduct a parade Purchase new building materials (A)
Teach the bricklayers Give presents to citizens Study herbal medicine Establish combat school Improve protective armaments Qualify construction workers

References[edit | edit source]

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