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Blowpipe warrior
Appearance BlowpipeWarrior.png
Introduced in American Conquest
Unit type Ranged Infantry
Cost Food.png 10 Wood.png 1
Recruitment building Fort icon.jpg Fortress
Creation time 25
HP 95 [104]
Melee attack Sword icon.jpg 4-15
Attack speed 61 Frames
Ranged attack Blowdart icon.jpg 1 (90%)
Rate of fire 68 Frames
Range 6
Ammunition imagewidth 2 imagewidth 1
Movement speed 50 (Sprinting)
Storm-force 10
Experience bonus +1



The Blowpipe warrior is an Infantry unit unique to the Incas. It has a poor Melee Attack and a Blowpipe ranged attack that doesn't do much damage at first but it slowly decreases the Hit points of the target over time. It is recruited in the Fortress.

The poison of the Blowpipe warrior reduces a target's hp by 90%. Cannons and ships are immune to the poison of the Blowpipe warrior.

The Blowpipe warrior is the only unit that uses gold as ammunition.