The Cannon or Field Cannon is an artillery unit in American Conquest, best utilized in siege. Cannons are built at the Fortress and can be upgraded at the Town Center. All European factions have access to Cannons after building an artillery depot at the Fortress.

Wood Gold Iron Coal
Default 2500 50 1000 150
Expensive 25000 500 10000 1500

The cost for every new Cannon on the battlefield increases by 40%

The cost and creation time of Cannons can be drastically lowered by researching the Foundry mechanization and Develop new metalworking methods-technology chains.

Cannon Abilities Edit

Attack Ground: Fire at a designated location.

Prepare for fire: The Artillery-crew executes the windup animation early, preparing to shoot instantly.

Fire Grapeshot: Fire a devastating close-range shot that damages all units in front of the Cannon.

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