Appearance Condquistador
Introduced in American Conquest
Unit type Handgun cavalry
Cost Food 5800 Wood 150

Coal 40 ‏‏‎ ‏‏‎ ‏‏‎ Gold 50

Recruitment building Fortress icon Fortress
Creation time 100 Frames
HP 350
Melee attack Sword icon 20-32
Attack speed 60 Frames
Ranged attack Fire weapon icon 200
Rate of fire 130 Frames [2 Shots]

200 Frames [Reload]

Range 5
Ammunition Coal 3 Iron 6
Movement speed 38 (trotting)
Storm-force 20
Experience bonus +10



Conquistador is a unique heavily armored cavalry unit of the Spanish. They are armed with a sword and pistol that can discharge shots at point-blank range. Ingame, conquistadors wear third quarter armour with a comb burgonet. The only drawback is that their heavy armour slows them down to trotting speed considerably compared to other mounted units.

Their very short creation time makes them easy to mass if the player has a stable food economy. Their slow movement speed and limited range though make them less flexible than other cavalry units.

The fact that Conquistadors are a cavalry unit armed with a fire weapon that have considerable arrow resistance, makes them perfect for countering Native Americans.

Upgrades Edit

The unit-specific maximum values for the fencing drill and physical training upgrades are displayed in the infobox under the Melee attack and Resistances (Sword & Pike) sections.

Tech Effect Link
Purchase thoroughbreds +75% Creation speed
Upgrade the stable +25% Creation speed
Purchase new european firearms +20 Firepower
Purchase new army uniforms +2 Defense
Purchase european cuirasses +2 Defense
Increase cuirass production +2 Defense
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