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American Conquest has multiple different damage types with respective resistances to them. There are melee and ranged damage types. All damage is subtracted by the resistances of its respective damage type.

Melee[edit | edit source]

Damage type Striking power
Pike Pike-/Spearmen Fusiliers Lancer Cavalry 1-90
Sword All other Infantry Rifled/Archer Cavalry Officers/Chiefs* Peasants 1-172

*The Inca Chief and British/US-Officer (17th) are pike wielders

The amount of striking power can strongly exceed the ordinary maximum value by gained experience through unit kills.

Ranged[edit | edit source]

The damage and accuracy of ranged attacks decrease, the farther away the shot is fired from the target.

Damage type Firepower


Arrow Archers North American Peasant Native Buildings** 30-210
Fire Arrow* Archers North American Peasant 1-100
Fire Weapon Gunpowder Infantry Rifled Cavalry European Buildings** 20-800
Cannon fire Warships Fort/Fortress Cannons 30-1800
Tomahawk Tomahawk warrior 250-650
Javelin Aztec Spearman 100
Slingshot Slingshot warrior 20
Poison dart Blowdart warrior 1***

*Fire arrows can only be used against buildings.

**Tradingposts and all buildings of the Pueblos use Fire Weapons despite being buildings of the Natives.

***Poison darts gradually reduce their targets' hit points down to 10% of their maximum HP.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

The damage types: Tomahawk, Javelin, Slingshot, and Poison dart have no specific resistances.

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