The Delawares are a playable tribe in American Conquest.

The Delawares were historically situated on the Atlantic coast along New Jersey going further inland into the east of today's Pensylvania and eastern long Island. They, over time, were drastically pushed to the east by the pressure of Dutch and British colonizers

Delaware territory

The Delaware people, when first encountered by Europeans, were a loose yet quite large association of related peoples who spoke similar languages and shared familial bonds

The Delawares were involved in inter-Native conflicts over the access of trade routes with Europeans.

Like many Natives, they suffered heavy losses in their population from diseases like Smallpox and Cholera that were contracted from the contact with Europeans.

Gameplay Edit

Ingame the Delawares posses the strongest short bowed archers which have more base-HP (105) then any other factions gain with upgrades.

They also can train Pikemen that are pathetically weak early on but can be upgraded to have a very decent total of 110 HP later on with Conduct skull dance.

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