Drummers are morale-boosting support units in American Conquest that are needed to form Squads, which in-turn boosts Attack damage and Defense. Drummers exist in two different variants:

Food Gold
17th century 50 10
18th century 100 50

Drummers of the 17th and 18th century are practically the same unit, the only difference is their cost, place of creation and the types of Squads they can be added to. 17th-century Drummers are created at the Fort, while 18th-Century Drummers are recruited at the Fortress.

Gained Stats Edit

Gained Attack (by forming a Squad) +2

Gained Defense (by forming a Squad)


Killing a Squad's Drummer will lower its morale but won't negate the bonus Attack damage and Defense of the already formed Squad.

All European factions except Russia have access to the 17th-century Drummers.

All European factions have access to the 18th-century Drummers.

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