There are three technologies in American Conquest that are able to heal all units of a certain type when researched. To enable those technologies, the following technologies must first be researched at the Town Center. All European factions except Russia have access to these technologies.

Enabling technology Enabled healing technology Affected units
Organize church to aid wounded soldiers Provide money for healing soldiers Infantry
Introduce a veterinary service Provide money for veterinary services Cavalry
Develop artillery repair crews Provide money for artillery repairs Artillery

The enabling technologies that heal units can be used infinitely for the same costs.

Costs Edit

Enabling technology Healing technology Affected units
2 100 Gold 200 Gold / 200 Coal Infantry
4 200 Gold 400 Gold / 400 Coal Cavalry
4 250 Wood / 3 700 Stone 100 Gold / 2 000 Wold Artillery
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