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The Hurons are a playable tribe in American Conquest.

The Hurons were historically situated west of the Saint Lawrence River, spanning over much of the northside of the Ontario lake.

Territory of influence.png

They traditionally spoke the Wyandot language, a Northern Iroquoian language, and were believed to number over 30,000 at the time of European encounter in the second decade of the 17th century.

Historically, the Hurons were the greatest economic rivals of the Iroquois, leading to the Beaver Wars, which led to the destruction of the Huron confederacy and its allies.

Ingame the Hurons can recruit Archers, Tomahawk warriors, Shooters, Chiefs, Shamans, and Horsemen. Their signature units are their Tomahawk throwers and Shooters.


Through the Huron version of Purchase metal axes, their Tomahawk warrior's ranged attacks gain more than double the firepower and double the accuracy, making them the best in the game.

The Shooters of the Hurons have higher resistances than any other Native Shooter and through their unique technology, Allocate resources to train shooters also gain 20% more firepower than any other Native Shooter.

Huron huts

Their Archers start out with low HP but can reach up to 90 if conduct skull dance ceremony is researched.


One major drawback of the Hurons is that their huts cannot shoot arrows to defend themselves. In exchange, Huron buildings are more difficult to capture by enemies.




Archer, Tomahawk Warrior, Shaman, Shooter, Chief, Horseman


Fishing Canoe, Battle Canoe, Ferry



Barracks, Dwelling I, Dwelling II, Temple, Trading Post, Stable, Shipyard


Town Center


Mill, Storehouse

 Town Center Upgrades[]

Cultivate new types of grain Burn ground to create new fields Develop writing Buy carpentry tools Conduct practice shoot Conduct skull dance ceremony
Optimize agriculture Hire overseer in settlement Celebrate priest ritual Tame horses Purchase new building materials (A) Conduct ritual dance
Purchase agricultural equipment Give presents to citizens Study herbal medicine Allocate resources to train shooters Purchase metal axes Qualify construction workers