Allocate money for shamanAllocate resources to train shootersAmerican Conquest
American Conquest: Divided NationAmerican Conquest: Fight BackAmerican Conquest Wiki
Artillery upgrade technologies (Town Center)Attack speedAztecs
BlacksmithBlockhouseBlockhouse II
Breed thoroughbredsBritainBuild sawmills
Burn ground to create new fieldsBuy carpentry toolsBuy new broadswords and rapiers
CarrackCarry out field meliorationCelebrate priest ritual
Combat experienceConduct a paradeConduct practice shoot
Conduct ritual danceConduct ritual festivalConduct skull dance
Creation timeCultivate new types of grainCultivate new types of wheat
Damage typesDance the skull ceremony, Conduct skull dance ceremony and conduct serpent danceDelawares
Develop regular subdivisionsDevelop writingDragoon, 17th century
Dragoon, 18th centuryDrummerDwelling I
Dwelling IIDwelling IIIEstablish combat school
European Construction speed upgradeEuropean PikemanExtended bow production (Town Center)
Extended carpentry tool productionFamineFear
Fencing drillFoodForm regular subdivisions
GSC Game WorldGermanyGive presents to citizens
GoldGrant loans to citizensHaida
Healing and repair technologiesHire overseer in settlementHit points
HorsemanHunting LodgeHurons
Improve canoe designImprove cold steelImprove protective armaments
IncasIncrease armor productionIncrease builders' salary
Increase carpenters' salaryIncrease cuirass productionIncrease soldiers' salary
Introduce cartridge loadingInvite agronomists from EuropeInvite architects from Europe
Invite distinguished officersInvite fortification specialists from EuropeInvite naval architects from Europe
IronIroquoisLine infantry
Log Cabin ILog Cabin IIMaya
Mounted Officer, 17th centuryMounted OfficersMounted Pikeman
Mounted Standard Bearer of the 18th centuryMovement speedMultiplayer (Online)
MusketeerNative PikemanNative Shooter
NetherlandsOfficerOptimize agriculture
Peasant (European)Peasant (North American)Physical training
PortugalPriestProduce agricultural tools
PueblosPurchase European cold steel weaponsPurchase European cuirasses
Purchase European flint fuses for DragoonsPurchase European fusesPurchase European harquebuses
Purchase agricultural equipmentPurchase flint musketsPurchase horses from Europe
Purchase metal axesPurchase metal knivesPurchase metal tools from Europeans
Purchase muskets from EuropePurchase new European firearmsPurchase new army uniforms
Purchase new building materials (A)Purchase new building materials (B)Purchase rifles (Town Center)
Purchase thoroughbredsQualify construction workersRandom Map
RangeRate of FireResistances
Salary & TreasonSet up guard housesSet up police stations
Single BattlesSiouxSlingshot creation speed upgrade
SpainStableStandard bearer
StoneStorehouseStorm force
Study herbal medicineTame horsesTeach the bricklayers
TotemsTown CenterTrading Post
Train fortification specialistsTrapper & BuccaneerUSA
UnionUnit typesUpgrade the stable
Warrior with StaffWigwam of the HuntersWood
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