Appearance Militia.jpg
Introduced in American Conquest
Unit type Gunpowder infantry
Cost imagewidth 60 imagewidth 15

imagewidth 5

Recruitment building imagewidth Dwelling II
Creation time 50 Frames
HP 100
Melee attack Sword icon.jpg 6
Attack speed 25 Frames
Ranged attack Fire weapon icon.jpg 250
Rate of fire 275 Frames
Range 11
Ammunition imagewidth 4 imagewidth 3
Movement speed 20 (walking)
Storm-force 10
Salary 5 Miners → 20 units
Experience bonus +1



The Militiaman is a unique very fast to create rifleman of the USA, which can be recruited at the US- Dwelling II.

The US-Militiaman, unlike most military units, isn't able to make up formations via officers and cannot be upgraded beyond their base stats.

Salary[edit | edit source]

Militiamen demand the highest salary of any unit ingame, with one gold mining peasant only being able to entertain 4 Militiamen.

Usage[edit | edit source]

In raw stats, the Militiaman represents in all aspects a worse alternative to any other gunpowder Infantry unit. Their only saving grace being their high base rate of fire.

Their very fast creation speed though makes them very useful on the defense, when one has to spontaneously react to an enemy attack.

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