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Mounted Archer
Appearance Mounted archer.png
Introduced in American Conquest
Unit type Ranged Cavalry
Cost Food.png 800 Wood.png 40
Recruitment building Stable icon.jpg Stable
Creation time 300 [188]
HP 280
Melee attack Sword icon.jpg 7-15 [20]
Attack speed 60 Frames
Ranged attack Arrow Icon.png 210 Fire arrow icon.png 1
Rate of fire 86 Frames
Range 17
Ammunition Wood.png 10
Movement speed 105 (galloping)
Storm-force 20
Experience bonus +3



Mounted Archers are a unique archer unit of the Sioux in American Conquest.

Compared to other native archers the mounted archer is relatively underwhelming in terms of DPS, siege damage, and ammunition.

What makes the mounted archer unique is its absurd movement speed.