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Mounted Shooter
Appearance Mounted shooter.png
Introduced in American Conquest
Unit type Rifled Cavalry
Cost imagewidth 3200 imagewidth 100

imagewidth 100

Recruitment building Stable icon.jpg Stable
Creation time 600 [400]
HP 240
Melee attack 11-25 [30]
Attack speed 60 Frames
Ranged attack Fire weapon icon.jpg 400
Rate of fire 175 Frames
Range 12.5
Ammunition imagewidth 2 imagewidth 2
Movement speed 105 (galloping)
Storm-force 30
Experience bonus +6



Mounted Shooters are a ranged Cavalry unit, armed with a short-musket in American Conquest that is recruitable by the Sioux. They are trained at the stable after researching purchase rifles.


One of the main tasks of Cavalry, in general, is spreading fear so that the lines of the enemy dissolve into nothing. Having access to both of the things that most units fear the most (Horses and firearms) makes them optimal at fulfilling that task.

Their stellar movement speed makes them decent at chasing down groups of units, while constantly spreading fear.

Their decent range and ability to reload while moving makes them also a viable option for performing hit-and-run tactics.