The Peasant is the core unit of the game. They are workers, collecting resources and erecting buildings. Peasants can be recruited at any kind of Dwelling 

Russia 20
Other Europeans 30

They can be captured by enemy forces if there is no friendly military unit nearby. When there is a friendly unit nearby they will attempt to fight the enemy off.

Work rates Edit

Carrying cap Collection time

Resource per second

Food 100 40/s 2.5
Wood 100 15/s 6.67
Mine 2.0

In-game descriptionEdit

"Worker. Procures resources and constructs buildings. Relatively inexpensive. Ineffective in combat operations. Has less strike power than other European peasants. When entering a clash with an enemy, this unit should be accompanied by military units, otherwise, it can be captured by the enemy. Very resistant fighter, not inclined to flee from the battlefield. Average creation time."

Trivia Edit

The decision of which faction the player plays is only made when the Player places their first building. The Faction of the Peasant the building was placed with determines the player's faction.

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