The Peasant is the core unit of the game. They are workers, collecting resources and erecting buildings. Peasants can be recruited at any kind of Dwelling.

The North American* Peasant is able to hunt wildlife, cannot be captured by enemy units but also cannot build any mines. They can use bow and arrow for ranged attacks with low firepower to attack enemies, wildlife or to ignite buildings.

*Even though Pueblo and Sioux also count as "North American" tribes, they do not possess this special category of Peasant and are, therefore, excluded.

Peasant 10

Differences among factions Edit

HP Creation time
DEL/HUR 10 90[+40%]
Iroquois 10[+23] 90[+40%]


10 90[+50%]

Fear Edit

Batlle Mob Gunfire Cavalry
Peasant 0.0% 0.2% 55.5% 55.5%

Trivia Edit

When being recruited into an archer, the North American Peasant actually loses a bit of range (C- 🡆 D) and has a slower fire rate (1s 🡆 1.5s).

The North American Peasant benefits from conduct practice shoot

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