Range tiers on the Wiki pages are mostly outdated and will be changed in the future.


125 Upgraded Cannons
100 Cannons Frigate
60 Carrack
50 Caravel
40 Batlle Canoe
25 Armed Boat
20 Aztec Archer
19 Fusilier
18.5 Iroquois shooter (+Chief)
17 Sioux Archer Sioux Mounted Archer
14 Musketeer
13 Inca Archer 17th/18th C. Dragoon Shaman* (Iro/Hai)
12 Native Shooter
11 US-Militiaman Harquebusier Chief (Shooter)
10 North American Peasant
8.5 Archer Slinhsot warrior
7.5 Shaman* (North American)
6 Blowpipe warrior Aztec Spearman
5 Handgun Cavalry
4 Tomahawk warrior Priest* Shaman* (Azt/May/Inc)

*Healing ability

Ranges were determined through playtesting. A slight margin of error (~0.5) may apply

Ranges change slightly when attacking buildings

*Healing ability

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