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Allocate money for shamanAllocate resources to train shootersAmerican Conquest
American Conquest: Divided NationAmerican Conquest: Fight BackAmerican Conquest Wiki
ArquebusierArtillery upgrade technologies (Town Center)Attack speed
Blockhouse IIBreed thoroughbredsBritain
Build sawmills
Burn ground to create new fieldsBuy carpentry toolsBuy new broadswords and rapiers
CaravelCarrackCarry out field melioration
Celebrate priest ritualChiefChurch
CoalCombat experienceConduct a parade
Conduct practice shootConduct ritual danceConduct ritual festival
Conduct skull danceConfederacyConquistador
CossackCreation timeCultivate new types of grain
Cultivate new types of wheatDamage types
Dance the skull ceremony, Conduct skull dance ceremony and conduct serpent danceDelawares
Develop regular subdivisionsDevelop writingDragoon, 17th century
Dragoon, 18th centuryDrummer
Dwelling IDwelling II
Dwelling IIIEstablish combat schoolEuropean Construction speed upgrade
European PikemanExtended bow production (Town Center)Extended carpentry tool production
FamineFearFencing drill
Form regular subdivisionsFormationsFort
FrigateFusilierGSC Game World
Give presents to citizensGoldGrant loans to citizens
HaidaHealing and repair technologiesHire overseer in settlement
Hit pointsHorsemanHunting Lodge
HuronsImprove canoe designImprove cold steel
Improve protective armamentsIncasIncrease armor production
Increase builders' salaryIncrease carpenters' salary
Increase cuirass productionIncrease soldiers' salary
Introduce cartridge loadingInvite agronomists from Europe
Invite architects from EuropeInvite distinguished officers
Invite fortification specialists from EuropeInvite naval architects from EuropeIron
IroquoisLine infantry
Log Cabin ILog Cabin II
Mounted Officer, 17th century
Mounted OfficersMounted PikemanMounted Standard Bearer of the 18th century
Movement speedMultiplayer (Online)
MusketeerNative PikemanNative Shooter
Optimize agriculturePeasant (European)
Peasant (North American)Physical training
Produce agricultural toolsPueblosPurchase European cold steel weapons
Purchase European cuirassesPurchase European flint fuses for DragoonsPurchase European fuses
Purchase European harquebusesPurchase agricultural equipment
Purchase flint musketsPurchase horses from EuropePurchase metal axes
Purchase metal knivesPurchase metal tools from Europeans
Purchase muskets from EuropePurchase new European firearmsPurchase new army uniforms
Purchase new building materials (A)
Purchase new building materials (B)Purchase rifles (Town Center)
Purchase thoroughbredsQualify construction workersRandom Map
RangeRate of Fire
Salary & TreasonSet up guard houses
Set up police stationsSingle Battles
SiouxSlingshot creation speed upgrade
StableStandard bearerStone
StorehouseStorm force
Study herbal medicineTame horses
Teach the bricklayersTempleTest
TexasTotemsTown Center
Trading PostTrain fortification specialists
Trapper & BuccaneerUSAUnion
Unit typesUpgrade the stableWarrior with Staff
Wigwam of the HuntersWood
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