The Stable is a building in American Conquest, used to recruit Cavalry units. In American Conquest, only the North American Natives could build stables and Europeans had to recruit their Cavalry at the Fortress. In American Conquest: Fight Back, three European factions were added that can build stables and train Cavalry at them: the Russians, Portuguese, and Germans.

Native Stable Edit

Native stable

Native American Stable

All North American Natives except the Haida can build stables. The Iroquois, Delawares and, Hurons can train Horsemen at their Stables while the Sioux can train their unique Cavalry line-up of Mounted Pikemen, Mounted Archers, Mounted Shooters and Mounted Chiefs.


Portuguese and German Stable Edit

Portugal stable

Portuguese Stable

The Stable of the Portuguese and Germans allows them to train their 18th-century cavalry. Both cannot train 18th-century Cavalry at their Fortresses.




Russian Stable Edit

Russia stable

Russian Stable

The Russians can build Stables to recruit Cossacks. Their Stables can only recruit Cossacks but are also a lot cheaper to build than the stables of the Germans and Portuguese.

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