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The Town is a building in American Conquest and American Conquest: Fight Back. The Town is the principal building for the Pueblos where peasants, archers, shooters, horsemen, shamans and chiefs are recruited and technologies are researched. For each Town the Pueblo have they can recruit up to a limit of 130 peasants.

Realistically, only two Towns can be built as the first one requires 300 Wood and 300 Stone, the second 30 000 Wood and 30 000 Stone, but the third escalates up to 3 000 000 Wood and 3 000 000 Stone.

Like other Native buildings, it will shoot with rifles on enemies once units are deployed inside it.


  • Build research center: unlocks Town Center upgrades.
  • Build Temple: allows the recruitment of Shamans.
  • Build barracks: allows the recruitment of Archers.
  • Purchase rifles: allows the recruitment of Shooters.
  • Create military unions: allows the recruitment of Chiefs.
  • Build stable: allows the recruitment of Horsemen.