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The USA is a playable nation in American Conquest and American Conquest: Fight Back. They are a European-style faction that excels with strong and versatile infantry. In the early game, they are identical to the British.

On the 4th of July in 1776 the British colonies of New England declared their independence from the British Empire to form the United States of America.

During the American westward expansion and under the application of the manifest destiny doctrine, the young nation faced numerous diplomatic and military conflicts by expanding into indigenous territory.


Ingame the United States posses access to the usual European buildings and technologies.

The United States' signature unit is their Fusiliers, which possess twice as fast a rate of fire than any other type of fusilier in the game. Additionally, their melee attacks are the strongest of any other fusilier unit as well. This ramp-up in quality is bound to a higher cost of coal, iron, and gold (though a lower cost of food) and a 20%~ longer training time.

They also have access to their unique unit, the Militiaman. The Militiaman is an expendable riflemen unit that is created at the United States' Dwelling II. Players should however be careful with Militiaman production due to the high upkeep in gold that they require. Just like US Fusiliers, Militiamen won't turn hostile if the player is out of gold.

United States 18th C. Dragoons are also above average as they (like their British counterparts) use 60% less coal when shooting and an above-average rate of fire.


Peasant (European)


Militiaman, Trapper, Pikeman, Arquebusier, Musketeer, Officer, 17th century, Standard Bearer, 17th century, Drummer, 17th century, Fusilier, Officer, 18th century, Standard Bearer, 18th century, Drummer, 18th century




Dragoon, 17th century, Mounted Officer, 17th century, Dragoon, 18th century, Mounted Officer, 18th Century, Mounted Standard Bearer




Rowboat, Caravel, Carrack, Frigate, Ferry



Fort, Fortress, Dwelling I, Dwelling II, Hunting Lodge, Church


Fort, Fortress, Blockhouse, Blockhouse II


Blacksmith, Town Center


Mill, Storehouse